Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sunday at Skyzone

Sunday we ended up taking it easy in the morning, and then heading out to Skyzone in the afternoon. I love that they now have socks there instead of getting everyone to wear the jumping boots! It's so much easier to get the sizing right and to get on and off.

The girls waited patiently for they jump time. They sat facing the basketball area. They really enjoyed watching people trying to get the ball in the baskets, then ending up in awkward positions! Some landed on their heads, some tried to impress others but ended up flipping out and landing on their backs.. .I have to say it was like watching the funniest videos!

I managed to get ONE action shot that was not blurry! LOL

2 Thumbs up!!

They spent most of the hour playing dodgeball. Maelie puts a lot of her weight on her right foot. When it is suggested that trampoline is not the ideal physical activity for her foot and back, she responds that she just can't put her life on hold because of that! So I am glad that she is working through it all, and having fun!!

I loved people watching! It's amazing how children are just made to move and jump and play! They are not made to be competing in organized sports ALL the time, they are made to just hang out and move! Have fun, and just BE KIDS! :)

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Ingvild said...

Aaah ca l'air du fun! Je vous aime les filles!!