Sunday, January 10, 2016

Diaper Cake

What a wonderful time when a family has a new baby! One of my colleagues had a baby girl on Christmas Eve morning, and of course, when there is an occasion for a creative gift, I am all for it!! I decided to make them a diaper cake! Pardon the bad pic which included my bosses' tape and pen dispenser!

Of course, the picture doesn't do it justice. It is so much more adorable in person! AND... it smells like baby powder. I love the smell of clean diapers. I rolled up a pack of size one Pampers for the bottom tier, and a pack of size 2 for the 2 other tiers. I used little rainbow loom style elastics to hold each individual diaper, it makes it so much easier to work with! Once I am building a tier, I used a BIG elastic that can stretch around the whole tier. this way, the diapers cooperate and my swear words are kept to a minimum! I use some 12 X 12 cardstock to go around the came. I cute 2 X 12 strips of pink and glued them together. I needed 4 of them to cover the bottom. Once I am done, I glued some colorful ribbon on top of the pink cardstock. I had this ribbon from Easter a few years ago... this proves that hoarding IS useful sometimes!! LOL I just added one tier on top of the other, so it's actually not secured. I added a balloon stick in the middle with a pink balloon attached to it. The card we gave him was a little pink giraffe (I forgot to take a pic). I also had made a matching curvy keepsake pink giraffe. I put a small bib inside of it. Not many baby items fit in that box other that a bib and socks!

These items are quite fun to make for special occasions.  Often, people say I should sell my stuff. The thing with items like these is that people would not necessarily pay the price that it is worth. I will take this for example. The cost of the diapers themselves was close to 36$. The material total would be close to 40$ +. If you calculate the 2.5 - 3 hours it took me to make it, say even just 15$ an hour, that would be 85$. This is why making items and selling them is not very profitable. Especially when people try to bargain... then you are left getting nothing for your time. I prefer making items, or helping people make items, and then just giving them away.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

O' Christmas tree....

How lovely are your branches! This is the first year that Maelie showed interest in finding out where each ornament comes from! I gladly shared the memories :) Most of our ornaments have a story to them... whether it be the bear ornament with a pregnant belly, a crocheted snowflake, a Tim Horton ornament, a Best Godparents ornament, and hand made mouse, and many other handmade one... they ALL have a special place in my heart!

Yo !

Love this pic! it is so genuine :) Maelie's personality at heart!

The sweet look! :) This is the .... "come on... just one more pic!!" look!! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cumberland Heritage Village Museum

This year on the tree lighting evening, we headed off to the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum. It was a very chilly night, with no snow.

The kids ran off on their own... but we did run into them a couple times! One time in the Church where they were singing Christmas Carols


and another time decorating gingerbread cookies!

The lights were gorgeous but I think it was so cold I didn't dare take my hands out of my mittens to take pictures!!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

What does December bring?

November is just such a busy month! For the 3rd year, Nicole and I decided to do our card sale for charity. We raised over 800$ ! Our sale is always at the end of November to give time for people to mail their cards.

We worked countless hours, and found most of our ideas on Pinterest. I am very thankful for Pinterest! It is a way to share ideas with the world. I don't remember every blogger whose ideas we CASED!!

Here are a few samples we made!

This one is CASED from KittieKraft! She has the absolute best ideas ever. I love her talent. She keeps my papercrafting store in business! Every time I fall in love with one of her cards, I have to get the material for it!!

We had so many more samples, but I thought I would only put up a few :)

My favorite products are from Stampin Up, Impression Obsessions, My Memory Box, and of course  Scortape (now has a different name though)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Most beautiful girl in the world :)

I adore her smile

I cherish her hugs
I admire her heart
but most of all
I love that she is my daughter

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Happiest fall of all!

This photo just makes me laugh! You would think we were in a wind tunnel! 

Fresh air, beautiful leaves, precious daughter :)

We went ahead with a small photo shoot but there were people walking in the park and Maelie didn't want to pose with people around. I got to steal a few pics though!

Let's go mom! It's cold!!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pumpkin picking!!

Sonia's , the girls and I headed off to pick some pumpkins! Melissa is from Mexico and she had never been to a pumpkin patch before so she was treated to beautiful fields of orange beauties!

Ta-da!!! fields and fields and fields to choose from! Maelie wanted a big one however they were heavy to carry!

A little rest along the way :)

There we go, 3 perfect girls and 3 perfect pumpkins!

We stopped at the little market while we were there, they had lots of fruits and veggies, and some homemade stuff too. I had to force Maelie to pose beside the d├ęcor :) We are never too old to enjoy some fall fun!